House of Bergen – The Unofficial Creative Embassy of Bergen!

MK Norway is a Bergen based creative agency who has a creative “embassy” in Oslo. The “embassy” is to spread high quality innovative and cross-sectorial creative solutions from the Bergen area to Norway and beyond.

“House of Bergen” consists of  two “embassies”, one physically located in Dronningens gate 22 in Oslo, and one digital embassy on the internet. Both actively communicate creative ambassadors to a wider audience. The objective of both the Oslo based embassy and the digital embassy is to showcase and disseminate innovative and creative people and ideas connected to Bergen.

We gather the best and most creative Bergen has to offer, with carefully selected ambassadors from a range of fields: quality restaurants and gastronomic initiatives, film, the art museum, photography, musicians, graphic designers, comedians, writers, and everything that makes Bergen a creative melting pot. We have a meeting place for the creative enthusiasm and competence in Bergen, from a range of cultural and creative sectors.

Examples from the gastronomic field include Kaffemisjonen, where award winning baristas make high quality coffee and aim to spread knowledge on coffee brewing. The restaurant Lysverket at the art museum KODE in Bergen is an example of a creative gastronomic initiative that also includes elements from other sectors. Lysverket bar and restaurant is an award winning restaurant with focus on high quality food experience, and a vision to add new food experiences to Bergen. The restaurant aims to be not just a restaurant, but a meeting place for  people from far and wide.  Lysverket was started by a successful music industry manager and musician, in cooperation with several chefs with experience from Michelin restaurants. Lysverket is also an awardwinning nightclub, and a well known music profile, and several types of live concerts in the restaurant area.

House of Bergen Embassy in Oslo is a 250 square meters room which both has a role as exposition area and show room. Whether it is pictures, illustrations, gastronomy, furniture, music or other things they proudly present, Bergen based creatives now have the opportunity to show the nation what they’ve got.

In our digital embassy we want to show and tell about the creatives behind the expositions, and social media will be actively used as a communication tool. We will also communicate and spread awareness in the world of other exciting things that happen in the creative environment in Bergen, as they surge – and there is a lot happening!

Our aim is that as many as possible will take advantage of the opportunity to show their creativity at The House of Bergen and it is therefore open to the whole creative sector of Bergen to showcase what they’ve got. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us here. As a creative business actor, we let us inspire by others, and we hope and believe that the whole of Norway may be inspired of what happens in Bergen and at the House of Bergen.